Monday, March 29, 2010

Balintawak Station

I was walking at one side of Monumento circle at 10 o’clock that evening. I had two big bags of fish crackers with me, one bag wrapped on each arm. It was my share for the following day’s potluck with my colleagues.

I was tiresomely dragging my feet to the jeepney waiting shed when I heard a loud noise above me. I looked up and saw an LRT train taking the newly constructed tracks going to Balintawak.

I stared in awe. Finally, the MRT-LRT loop is open.

I looked at my watch and saw the date. March 25, 2010. Then I remembered. It was ten days past the supposed anniversary of me and my ex-flame.

When we were still together, we always took the north bound EDSA road going home a few months ago and saw the construction of the new train tracks for the said loop. We always talked in anticipation about when it would open and that we would try taking that route when it opens.

Towards the stormy later part of our relationship, I always asked myself, “Would Gerber and I see the finished loop together?”

Obviously, the answer was, NO.

Here I am, still alone not by choice, hugging on two huge bags of crackers, hoping those would comfort me enough to stop the tears welling up in my eyes from falling as the train faded from my sight.

It’s funny how a simple thing like a public utility mass vehicle is able to make me reminisce on my past unhappy relationship, and the many failed dating encounters that followed after the break-up.

I just graduated with a Master’s degree. I got an excellent teacher evaluation. I’ve got more things ahead of me.

Balintawak station is now finally open. So, why won’t I?


  1. ang emo ng lolo mo! :P

    like i've been telling you prof, you'll meet that special someone soon. just be positive. =)

  2. i hope u open soon. life's too short for regrets.

    have u seen under the tuscan sun? they talked about this train in europe. they built the tracks years before a train could be made to run them. i thought it was a wonderful metaphor. u need tracks to have a train. u need to be ready to be truly open.