Thursday, April 1, 2010

Girls Should be Like Chun Li

Everyone who spent their childhood years in the 90’s would definitely know who Chun Li is. The double hair bunned Chinese girl who floats in an inverted fashion doing spinning kicks while on a split, and throwing fast lighting kicks. Ahhh, I miss those Street Fighter days.

So, why should girls be like Chun Li?

Through many centuries, feminist movements have risen and claimed that women should be dealt with equally like men. They continually desire to relinquish roles that were previously intended for males. And they slowly but surely succeeded in making the female gender an important contributor in the society.

Now, we see the rise of dual career families, and women in executive positions in their respective organizations. One good example is our president herself.

But still, I would like to emphasize on the word, “EQUAL.”

One day, I was lazily seated in LRT going home from a rigorous work-out from the gym, almost dozing off. When the train halted in UN Avenue station, three women probably in their late adolescence swooned inside. Realizing that there were no more seats available, they stood and held on the railings.

In the middle of my dozing-off-while-my-head-is-buried-in-my-bag session in the middle of the train ride, I suddenly heard a sarcastic female voice.

Ano ba ‘yan, walang gentleman!”

“‘Di bale girl, mamaya may mag-o-offer ng seat niya…”

I looked up and saw the girls standing in front of me, looking at me funny.

I responded them with a quizzical stare. As far as I remember, I am in the male area of the LRT. Secondly, I came in the train first so I deserved my seated spot. And thirdly, I am very tired. My legs are sore from the leg curls I was doing prior to that ride.

One of them gave me an irap.

“What the…” I grumpily whispered to myself. I stood up, movements dragging and told them, “sige, upo na po kayo dito…” I made sure they feel discomfort in my voice as I gave up my seat.

“Thank you, ha…” one of them replied, with a tinamo-bibigay-ka-rin-pala tone in her voice.

In my mind, I was really irritated about how some girls, even in their prime healthy ages, demand special attention from boys. You have to give up your seat for them. You have to make them go first in line. Heck, most of the time, the women are the ones in the rush hour crowd who push the hardest when going inside train coaches.

I know this post may make me unpopular but I have nothing against women. I love my soulmate and bestfriend, and she happens to be a woman. My mother is a woman. Someday, I’ll get married and bear a child through a woman.

If we really are serious about gender equality, then there should not be any special treatment on either sex. No special train areas for women. No special laws on women violence. No special jobs for males or females alone.

And I wish we stop using the “women are essentially part of a vulnerable sector in the society” crap. Vulnerability is all in the mind. Another crap they should stop using as an excuse to be treated well is, “well you boys don’t get pregnant, don’t have menses…” We all have difficult biological functioning to endure.

No one deserves special treatment. But everyone is entitled for considerations. Privileges should be given due to one’s circumstance, not due to one’s gender.

I wish girls could be like Chun Li. She does not mind fighting Ryu, Ken, Sagat, Zangief and M. Bison despite their being males. She does not ask for mercy everytime she gets hit with hadouken or shoryuken. She stands up and fights back. When she loses, she goes for another round. And when she wins, it never mattered if she was a girl.


  1. haha natuwa at natawa din ako dito sa entry mo... hmmm at dahil hindi ako inaantok at wala akong magawa ay magcocomment ako ng bonggang bongga dito...

    1st: dapat hindi ka nagpaapekto sa parinig ng ibang tao. dedma ka lang. kung ako yung pinaringan nun mas ko pang papakita na angsarapsarap umupo muhahaha (kidding) not unless na uber yummy na papable sya ittry kong gitgitin yung katabi ko para umupo sya sa tabi ko muhahaha (kidding again)

    2nd: hindi talaga magrereklamo si chunli kasi isa syang character sa laro... hmmm dapat si storm nalang muhahaha (haiiizzz epekto na ata talaga to ng hindi makatulog):p

  2. Kapag pangit, walang karapatang mag-parinig. Sana you stood your ground. :P

  3. Women feed from men's chivalry.