Saturday, August 7, 2010

Transalation is not an Alibi

Sometimes I just wonder what Primary and Secondary Education is doing for kids nowadays. Their knowledge base as college entrants seem insufficient. And don't get me started with discipline, that will be a different blog post.

I mean, some students can really get so senseless with how they answer back simple questions.


Me: Bakit ang pangit 'ata ng labas nitong project niyo?

Female Student: Kasi po, hindi maganda...

Me: (taken aback) Okay. Do it again.


Me: Okay, can anyone define using their own words the term, "Health Education."

Class: (silent for almost 10 seconds)

Me: (snaps fingers) Come on. Just a try.

Male Student: (raises hand)

Me: Yes sir.

Male Student: (stands) Sir, it is educating about health.

Me: Galing. You want me to get a megaphone for you so you could repeat your sensible definition for the whole school to hear?


Me: Ija, the exam started thirty minutes ago. Bakit ngayon ka lang?

Masscomm student: Ay sir... Kasi late po ako, eh...

Me: (my eyebrows crossed) Yeah. I get the point, pero bakit ka late?

Masscomm student: Nahuli po kasi akong umakyat sa room sir, eh.

Me: (my forehead crumpled) Okay. I'll stop interrogating. I'll save your neurons. You may need their scanty amount for your exam.

Masscomm student: (smiles as she gets the test. She seemingly didn't understand that I just insulted her.)


wind_psycho: kala mo naman ang sensible na teacher....


  1. Verbal abuse is always and only for the stupid. LOL.

  2. The first one is the best. Kaya nga panget, kasi hindi maganda. Woah. Logic pare.