Saturday, July 11, 2009

Better than My Betters

“I’ve never seen a faculty here quite like you…”

I sat there dumbfounded in front of the internationally acclaimed full professor in front of me, two days after she observed my class two days earlier. I knew I did great, but I didn’t expect her to be THIS impressed.

“You were so funny…! You’re confident and you knew your stuff… He promote higher reasoning and critical thinking from your students… They are at ease with you… I was SO impressed…! Oh my, you’ve only been teaching for two years and you’re all this? My, this is in born!”

There I was, showered with compliments by a US based scholar who barely knew me as the guy who always got books from her office. She was just a visiting consultant for our university observing the faculty and the school in general on how it was managed.

All I could do was smile and say, “Thank you po.”

Probably, the thing that made me feel flabbergasted was that this was the very first positive reinforcement I received since this semester started.

“SenseiJery, you’re late again! What did I tell you about being punctual for the students?!”

“SenseiJery, stop joking around in class!”

“You’re noisier than your students!”

“You should have requested your materials days before!”

“Why do you need an LCD? I’m too busy to look for it!”

Hinahayaan niyo ‘yang estudyanteng maging bastos! Hindi niyo dinidisiplina!

“SenseiJery, your necktie doesn’t suit your dress!”


“Sensei! Mali ‘yung naituro mo!”

“SenseiJery, GET A HAIRCUT!”

I was bombarded with lines like that since I got back in school this June by my seniors and my morale is in an all time low, until this professor who’s a total stranger to me actually saw me beyond my bundy clock and what I wore.

And before I left that room, the scholar told her final words to me, “You have potential, and your future is so bright. Sabihin mo sa mga ka-faculty mo na gayahin ka nila.”

Sometimes, because of all these people trying to pull me down with their uneventful comments, I sometimes forget why I’m a teacher in the first place.

I finished 5th in a big batch of 2,700 students in my university, graduating with Latin honors.

I am a licensure exam reviewer.

I am a well versed researcher.

I’m an active student leader and choir conductor.

I won a national competition.

Recently, I aced my comprehensive exam for my Master’s degree with a “high passed” score on all subjects--- a feat that only I was able to make.

I should remember that I am, and will always be, a CHILD PRODIGY.


Naks… Yabang. Pagbigyan niyo na ako. Wasak na wasak ang ego ko.

Gara Gara
Go! (Whatever that means…)


Friday, July 10, 2009

Kwekquation 4: Should I Say "Hi" to My High School Batchmate?

Years have passed since you graduated. You are now an adult who faces the world without guidance from teachers and allowance from parents. In the real world, you have finally realized what it means to be living and making your own decisions. You’ve learned bigger lessons from bigger mistakes. Experience now is your ultimate educator.

But sometimes, coincidence may lead you to cross paths with people from your student life. And like you they may look a bit older and act a bit wiser now. Yet still, the habit of comparing each others notes may linger as it did during your days as pupils. This time, however, the notes you may be comparing are the achievements you’ve made since you parted that commencement day.

Kwek-kwek Kwekquation # 4

So that random moment comes when you come across a familiar face from the school you used to go to. It’s a good thing you saw him and he didn’t see you. Now, should you show yourself and share a short conversation with this guy without placing yourself in an awkward stance, or should you continue hiding?

Here’s the solution:


Score 2 if the place favors a good reputation to you. Example: you’re in church and you’re a lector, or in the multimillion dollar building of your company.
Score 1.5 if the place is neutral. Example: Malls, in the middle of the street
Score 1 if the place is of ill-reputation. Example: you’re in prison and you’re a prisoner, or you’re currently giving a lap dance in your g-string to a costumer in a bar.

In a scale of 1 to 10, how well were you acquainted with this person when you were still students? (1 being, “What’s his name again?” and 10 being, “We’re like practically seated next to each other for the whole four years of high school.)

In a scale of 1 to 10, what is the nature of the relationship that you had with this person back in high school? (1 being, “He’s the big bad bully and I’m his prey,” and 10 being, “he’s my bestest best friend.”)

In a scale of 1 to 10, how did maturity affect your physical prowess? (1 being, “I used to be a swan now I’m an ugly duck,” and 10 being, “I lost thirty pounds, 7 inches off my waist and I would like to thank facial care center for my clear face.”)

In a scale of 1 to 10, how elegant is the dress you’re currently wearing? (1 being, “I’m in a clown suit,” and 10 being, “I’m on my way to an international awards night.”)

In a scale of 1 to 10, how successful have you been since high school? (1 being, “I’m a very successful bum,” and 10 being, “I’ve got PhD and I manage all Starbucks chains now.”

In a scale of 1 to 10, how does your batchmate look like compared to before in relation to your current aesthetic value? (1 being, “OMG, Joe! Is that you? I can’t believe how you managed to double your acne!” and 10 being, “OMG, weren’t you the one I saw in TV who won that international pageant something?”)

In a scale of 1 to 10, how successful has your batchmate have been since graduation compared to you? (1 being, “Oh my, Joe! Just look at you now! You’re finally a street sweeper!” and 10 being, “I heard you own this mall we’re in.”)

The median score is 0.75. If your score is proximate to this value, a simple hello and short talk would be allowable.

If the score is lower, it is best to not move a muscle. A conversation may be awkward and may take a toll on your esteem due to your lack of achievement or his over achievement. Maybe your previous unharmonious relationship may spark heat. Or maybe you just don’t look as good and aren’t in a place where showing off is a good idea.

If your score is higher, you may bravely come up and actually chat with this batchmate of yours for a long time without putting your ego at stake. Well, probably because you’re a successful, refined handsome young man. If his current state may not be as lavish as yours, be nice. Or it an be that you just really want to catch up with that long lost friend of yours. Probably talking about the past and present may not be such a bad idea.